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All aboard! The real Hogwarts Express pulls into Universal Orlando

By Andrew Sims (@Sims)                     at 5:05 pm, August 16, 2013  | Reviewed by Karen Rought



The Hogwarts Express has arrived at Universal Orlando, two behind-the-scenes photo reveal.

One of the Hogwarts Express train cars – which will carry guests from the existing Hogsmeade Village at Islands of Adventure to the new Diagon Alley at neighboring park Universal Studios – has seemingly arrived backstage.

Two photos of one train car’s arrival show it on the back of a truck where it may’ve been carried in this morning. We wouldn’t be surprised if some lucky people driving on Florida’s major roadways spotted these riding on the back of trucks, because they obviously couldn’t be covered up due to their size (or maybe they were and Universal took the covers off once backstage):

Real Hogwarts Express train car 2

Real Hogwarts Express train car 1

The user who uploaded the photos says that he spotted three to four train cars so far arriving back stage.

Universal seems to have taken careful steps to design the train cars so they look as lifelike as possible from the inside out.

A train station is being constructed at both Wizarding World lands so guests can enter and exit from both locations as if they are traveling wizards.

Reports indicate that you will not be able to see out actual windows when you’re inside. The windows on the inside will be disguised as digital screens that make you feel as if you’re passing through the English countryside. There may be different “scenarios” that take place on the screens so you get a different experience each time.

Universal Orlando confirmed the Wizarding World: Diagon Alley expansion in May and shared beautiful concept art depicting what the new land will look like when it’s complete.

Diagon Alley is expected to open summer 2014.


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